Publication on Legal Management

Leo Staub / Christine Hehli Hidber (Hrsg)

Schulthess 2012

Category: Publikationen - C. Hehli Hidber, Aktuelles

The book provides for an overview in all aspects of the management of a law firm. It is based on the St. Gall Management model and covers the following chapters:

  • Establishing a strategy for the law firm
  • Marketing by the law firm
  • Development of a Business model for the law firm
  • Leadership within the law firm
  • Accounting and Billing
  • Finance
  • Risk Management within the law firm
  • Soft Skills of the lawyer
  • The future of lawyering

Each chapter has an introduction by Prof. Leo Staub covering the economic aspects followed by articles of authors - over 60 lawyers from reputable law firms and legal services in Switzerland, Germany, Austria, England and the USA contributed to this publication. Some of the articles are written in English.