Banking Law

Banking law is comprised of multifaceted legal and regulatory aspects. Apart from classical banking business such as bank accounts, payment transactions, granting of credit and mortgages, this also includes asset management and investment advice. Also included is the international business of investment banking (corporate finance, M&A, IPO) and export and trade finance. In recent years the banking sector has established new services such as the Family Office and new distribution channels such as e-banking.

Binder Legal has the relevant expertise in these areas of banking law. Our partners have previously been employed as legal counsels in the legal services of banks for many years and they advise Boards of Directors, management and legal departments of banks and financial companies on issues of management, supervision and compliance. They have in-depth know-how of the banking business. Apart from the legal and regulatory issues by which banks are confronted, our partners are also familiar with the relevant banking products and the operational processes occurring inside a bank.

We compile reports on legal issues, conduct proceedings in court, represent our clients in dealing with the authorities and support them in projects, from planning to implementation, as well as in establishing and implementing compliance programs.  

Apart from knowledge of national banking law, we are also experienced in cross-border banking issues. In this regard, our partners also provide advice in English.

Our partners possess the relevant experience in banking law | securities law | stock exchange and capital market law.