Corporate Governance

We have broad expertise and considerable experience in all aspects of corporate governance. We deal comprehensively with the control, management and supervision of, and in, companies from various perspectives. Our partners look at the issue from an academic (legal and business management), post-university education perspective, as well as from the point of view of the consulting lawyer. We assume management functions in Boards of Directors in industrial, commercial and financial companies and discuss the various issues with owners, Boards of Director and Executive Board members, at eye-level and in light of our own management experience. We provide support, advice and coaching on issues of succession planning for shareholders, the preparation of a shareholder strategy, the composition, evaluation and replacement of Boards of Directors and management; the structuring, organisation and division of responsibilities at the upper levels of a company as well as effective supervision and risk management in the company.

Prof. Dr. Andreas Binder is Director of the  Corporate Governance Competence Centre at the Research Institute for International Management at the University of St. Gallen and co-editor of the Best practice recommendations for the management and supervision of small and medium sized companies (BP-KMU). Bruno Heynen is Member of the Advisory Board of the Corporate Governance Competence Centre. Andreas Binder & Bruno Heynen - Independent Corporate Governance Consulting.