Environmental Law

These days, environmental law is a complex cross-section of legal issues that has a decisive influence on building projects, planning projects as well as property and real estate transactions. Binder Legal has many years of experience in all core areas of environmental law, in particular regarding waste management (waste disposal, recycling, waste facilities), contaminated sites, soil conservation, noise protection (railway, commercial and aircraft noise, noise from leisure activities, industrial noise, shooting noise, noise from sports facilities and street noise), air pollution control (emission of hazardous substances and smells from trade, industry and agriculture in new facilities or in connection with redevelopment, air pollution by road traffic, investigations in connection with project planning), non-ionising radiation (high-voltage lines, mobile phone antennas), environmental impact assessment (EIP), water legislation as well as nature and heritage conservation law (protection of buildings, designation of protected zones).  

Our environmental law practice aims to ensure the smooth implementation of a project with regard to both time and the legal aspects of the project. Foresighted cooperation with authorities is extremely significant in this regard in order to achieve planning certainty for our clients and avoid legal proceedings.

We prepare reports on environmental law issues, administer proceedings in environmental law and provide legal support for key projects, real estate transactions, legislative projects, environmental programmes and measures by the public authorities.  

Our partners possess the relevant experience in environmental law | administrative law | nature and heritage conservation law.