Family and Divorce

Never has the divorce rate been so high. A divorce or separation is generally unexpected and, above all, is something for which the spouses are unprepared. Binder Legal has many years of experience in providing comprehensive and preparative support and advice in this difficult situation. Family law, especially matrimonial and divorce law, is characterised by a considerable amount of case law. The law only provides rudimentary regulation on core issues such as the duration and amount of maintenance contributions or matrimonial property law. We are familiar with both legal practice as well as the relevant legal provisions and know how they are applied by the various courts.

Family law is closely linked to other legal fields such as tax law, social security law, international private law, labour law and migration law. Our broad experience and know-how is therefore vital for efficient and successful advice and representation. We support you in the planning of marriage and co-habitation contracts, inheritance contracts as well as testamentary dispositions, in pre-litigation procedures and legal negotiations in divorce decrees and separation agreements or in the enforcement of legal claims in all family law proceedings, such as divorce proceedings (incl. amendment proceedings), proceedings regarding pre-litigation measures or preliminary relief proceedings. We also support you in all other measures and proceedings, such as enforcement proceedings (institution of legal proceedings, instruction to the employer) as well as in similar or associated proceedings (such as maintenance processes of mature individuals, custody battles, guardianship proceedings, etc.).

Our aim is to select the most suitable approach and achieve the best possible result for you. This takes into account your needs and objectives and translates these into a workable solution. We will also skilfully negotiate in a solutions-oriented manner if expensive and lengthy legal proceedings can be avoided. However, if litigation is necessary we will be persistent and efficient in obtaining the best possible result for you.

Our partners possess the relevant experience in matrimonial and co-habitation law | partnership law | child law / divorce law.