We manage a strong network.

Seamless integration of external services.

We are uncompromising in our claim to offer all our services at the highest quality. As a boutique law firm, we intentionally focus on our core competencies and have built our team with this in mind.

In order to live up to our claim even where services are required that fall outside our core competencies, we have built up a special business model over many years. We seamlessly integrate internal and external services into a whole by offering our clients comprehensive solutions that are based not only on our in-house expertise but also on the expertise of our network partners.

A broad and knowledgeable network.

As a result of decades of cultivating and developing this network, we have uncomplicated, rapid and seamless access to a broad range of experts, including

  • legal academics and teaching professionals,
  • two large, renowned Swiss law firms,
  • several small, highly specialised niche law firms,
  • foreign law firms,
  • tax experts,
  • auditing firms,
  • management consultants and
  • other service providers as required.

Thanks to this extensive network and our expertise in integrating internal and external services, we are in a unique position to offer our clients a wide range of approaches and solutions to challenges in business law from a single source with insight, integrity and quality.