Be part of our team.

Sharing the same personal values but employing different work models.

Our lawyers have a strong focus on business law and pride themselves on their excellent legal qualifications. Our team culture values the ability to work constructively together, personal integrity, and a large dose of entrepreneurial spirit. Some of our lawyers also have business management qualifications or entrepreneurial experience, which gives them the insight to provide our clients with a comprehensive and unique insight into the challenges which are found at the interface between management, strategy and law.

Different working models

Instead of a one-size-fits-all approach, we offer all our team members and freelancers precisely the framework in which each and every one can turn his or her own strengths into top performance in the best possible way.

We offer highly-skilled and committed lawyers the following working models:

  • full-time employment,
  • part-time employment of any degree (10%–90%), also in annual working time,
  • project-related collaboration as freelancers without a fixed time commitment.

Depending on mutual interest, the choice of a work model without or with entrepreneurial opportunities and risks (to varying degrees) is possible.

Advantages of a career with Binder Rechtsanwälte

As a boutique law firm with a clear strategic orientation and a consistent focus on excellence, we offer an attractive mandate structure in which individual lawyers are regularly in direct contact with entrepreneurs, top management or investors.

We are a well-coordinated team, all pulling in the same direction and supporting each other. All legal employees are fully involved in the firm’s mandates. We offer a corporate environment with flat hierarchies and lean processes and deliberatively cultivate an open, trusting and collegial atmosphere in which teamwork with highly qualified employees plays a central role. Our aim is to maintain an environment in which everyone can utilize his or her personal strengths in the best possible way and build up further strengths and competencies.

We demand a lot, and we support even more. We actively and comprehensively provide support to all team members in their personal development, be it in their professional specialisation, in the acquisition of interdisciplinary or methodological skills or in the growth of their personality. For lawyers who wish to continue their education or pursue an academic career, for example in the context of a doctorate or postgraduate studies, we are eager to work out solutions ensuring that client work is compatible with the planned continuing education or academic activities. We expressly encourage our team members to be committed to acquiring further – also extracurricular – qualifications.

As a law firm with a distinctive entrepreneurial spirit, we offer our lawyers individual opportunities to become involved in our company’s business operations and, depending on mutual interest, to assume some of the entrepreneurial opportunities within our law firm.

Our digital infrastructure and our well-established processes of collaborating from different locations enable our lawyers to work and collaborate efficiently from home and from other locations. For us, it is the result of the work that counts – the place at which the work is done is secondary.

We uncompromisingly focus on outstanding qualifications and performance as well as on the highest standards of personal integrity.

Doctoral students and post-docs (part-time)

We are looking for doctoral students or post-docs with a focus on business law for a flexible part-time position with a workload of around 10–30% or without a fixed workload.

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Legal interns

We are regularly looking for legal interns with particular interest in the areas of corporate law, corporate governance, public corporate governance and contract law for a one-year internship after completion of their law degree.

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Student employees on master level (part-time)

We are regularly looking for law students on master level for a flexible part-time job with a workload of around 30–40%.

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