How it began.

It began in 1953.

Binder Rechtsanwälte was founded in Baden in 1953 by Dr. Julius Binder. From the very beginning, our law firm has distinguished itself by offering its clients quality solutions and superior legal insight.

During his decades of practice, Dr. Julius Binder sat on the boards of directors of numerous well-known companies. As a result, our law firm has always had a focus on business law and advising companies, entrepreneurs and business owners. Positioning ourselves at the interface between law and management has always been a part of our DNA at Binder Rechtsanwälte.

Dr. Julius Binder was a homo politicus from a young age and was active in politics at the university, municipal, cantonal and national level. He served as a member of the Swiss National Council (from 1963 to 1975) and a member of the Swiss Council of States (from 1979 to 1987).

With his national focus and reputation, Dr. Julius Binder and his law firm has always had a footprint that extended far beyond the Baden region and the Canton of Aargau – attracting legal minds, companies and entrepreneurs from throughout Switzerland. It is in this spirit that the firm opened its Zurich office on 1 January 2022.

Binder Rechtsanwälte has always been a boutique law firm of high achieving and dedicated lawyers focused on company law and corporate governance, and it has always adapted quickly to changing legal and business landscape. Whereas in the first decades of its existence, like most law firms at that time, it was organized as a cost sharing partnership of lawyers, for over 20 years it has now been a fully integrated company.