Committed to collaboration.

We speak the language of companies and entrepreneurs.

Reliability, integrity, efficiency and the aspiration to consistently develop the best possible solutions for our clients are the core values that unite all members of our team. In order to achieve this, our legal experts bring not only outstanding legal qualifications and a distinct focus towards personal values, but also great commitment to client solutions as well as a lot of entrepreneurial spirit. Some of the members of our team also have a business management education and/or further training from leading business universities and/or many years of experience in management positions in the private sector or as entrepreneurs, which enables us to comprehensively take into consideration the business implications of the legal solutions and to discuss them with our clients in the client’s language.

Our Team


To ensure both timely and quality services, our team is supported by highly-qualified individuals who work with us on a project-related basis as freelaners. Typically, these are lawyers who have previously worked for us and who can be seamlessly integrated into our team.