We provide high quality solutions.

We are a business law firm.

Our services are aimed at listed companies, mid-sized companies, industrial companies and public enterprises as well as private individuals, in particular entrepreneurs, members of management, supervisory or executive bodies, shareholders and investors. In the area of public corporate governance, we also advise state bodies.

More than just lawyers and notaries.

We do not limit ourselves to advising and representing our clients and to offering notarial services. In addition to these services, we provide tailor-made training in order to help companies, their managers and their key personnel to build up their own legal knowledge. As well, we act as independent advisors to boards of directors and executive committees. Where appropriate, we bring our corporate governance expertise as independent members of the board of directors. Finally, we scientifically analyse legal questions relating to company law, corporate governance, public corporate governance and contract law to provide legal insight into complex circumstances within legal opinions.

A trusted companion for companies and entrepreneurs.

Efficient. Reliable. Supportive. These traits define the pledge we make to our clients. Internally, our lean organisational structures combined with quality and dedication are the prerequisites that drive our mission to provide reliable and insightful counsel. As a boutique law firm, our dedication to these characteristics has driven our success since 1953.

Our expertise adds value.

Our experience provides insight into the challenges that face our clients. We consistently seek commercially viable solutions and have a broad understanding of business and management. This understanding enables us to provide our clients with comprehensive advice at the interface between law, management and strategy and to recommend legal strategies and procedures that fit with management requirements.

An experienced and knowledgeable network and integrated services.

Our business model is based on bringing comprehensive solutions to our clients. However, sometimes the best solutions are not necessarily based on our in-house know-how. We have developed an intricate network of dedicated partners that we can use to support our clients. We have cultivated these relationships over decades to ensure that we have direct, rapid and seamless access to the knowledge we need for our clients. With this powerful network and our in-house expertise, we are able to develop outstanding solutions for our clients – even in the most complex cases that cover a multitude of different legal areas.