Business model

We integrate services into high quality solutions.

We integrate the insight of leading experts – both internal and external.

Specialisation is essential in the legal field. As a specialised boutique law firm, we are mindful of our own expertise and are equally aware of those areas in which other lawyers or service providers have greater insight into the challenges facing our clients. Our focus on finding solutions allows us to bring together the best resources needed.

With this in mind, our firm not only provides legal counsel but orchestrates the collaboration of legal and non-legal experts when brought together. Our focus is on the highest quality of our solutions and not on whether the contributions have been developed in-house or by external experts.

Thus, where contributions that go beyond our core competencies are required, we collaborate with a network of proven external specialists.

Our expertise network includes

  • law firms specialising in legal areas that we do not cover ourselves (such as antitrust, intellectual property, financial market regulation, criminal, etc.),
  • legal scientists with exhaustive experience in research and teaching,
  • foreign law firms,
  • tax experts,
  • auditing firms,
  • management consultants, and
  • other service providers.

Our business model is deliberately geared towards the integration of expertise. Merging individual services into a coherent solution is carried out entirely by the experts of our firm and thus does not require any extra effort from our clients, who can depend upon us for all of their services. Our knowledge and experience in employing this specific business model ensures a seamless connection of all individual internal and external contributions as well as a smooth and efficient process vis-à-vis the respective client.

As an established boutique law firm with a powerful network of external specialists, we have many years of experience with this particular business model and the necessary management skills to offer comprehensive services at the highest level of quality.