Membership in boards of directors

Our experts are willing to contribute their corporate governance expertise by serving on the boards of directors of Swiss companies.

The board of directors as a management and supervisory body is faced with making decisions that involve a plethora of areas and require a background in many different areas. It is not always easy to ensure that all the necessary competencies and expertise are covered within the board.

In suitable cases, our corporate governance experts are willing to use their expertise and competencies to serve as independent members of the board of directors (or, in the case of companies with a legal form other than that of a corporation, as independent members of the respective management and supervisory body) to the benefit of the respective company.

Our specialists in this field have expert knowledge of the organisation of companies, of corporate governance and of public corporate governance. In addition to outstanding legal qualifications, they also have a business management education and/or further training with a strong focus on topics in the areas of strategic management and corporate governance as well as several years of experience as members of management and supervisory bodies (partly as chairpersons), in other management positions and/or as entrepreneurs. This holistic approach enables our experts to assess all issues to be dealt with by the board of directors from a legal, strategic and management perspective and to develop multidimensional solutions.

Thanks to our business model as a boutique law firm, it is ensured in most cases that the board membership is exercised on an independent basis.

The acceptance of a mandate as an independent member of the board of directors follows a careful evaluation of the company, its strategic positioning and its current situation in the given market environment. The board membership is assumed after the election by the general meeting of shareholders (or the respective electoral body) and acceptance of the mandate.