Notary’s office

Our notary’s office in Baden efficiently performs public notarisations.

Thanks to our in-house notary’s office in Baden, we are able to independently process legal transactions and documents that have to be notarised.

In the domain of real estate law, we notarise in particular real estate transactions such as the purchase and sale of real estate of any kind, the establishment of condominium ownership, parcelling and unification of real estate, debt transfer and easement agreements. These notarisation activities are possible with regard to all properties located in the Canton of Aargau.

Furthermore, we are able to carry out all transactions under company law which must be notarised (e.g., the formation of corporations and of limited liability companies, capital increases and reductions, amendments to the articles of association, restructuring resolutions in the case of mergers, demergers and conversions and asset transfers, etc.) for all companies in Switzerland.

In the area of matrimonial and inheritance law, we advise our clients on the drafting of marriage and inheritance contracts as well as on the drafting of wills. We can also provide these services for all clients in Switzerland.