Corporate Governance

We have broad expertise and decades of experience in all matters of corporate governance.

We are well versed in the topic of control, management and supervision of and within companies in a comprehensive manner and from a wide variety of perspectives. Thus, our experts tackle this topic from the perspective of – legal and management – science, teaching and post-university education as well as from the perspective of the advising lawyer.

In addition to our independent advisory work, we have experience in functions on the board level of industrial, commercial, financial and service companies, which is why we are always capable of discussing diverse corporate governance issues with the respective shareholders, board members and members of the executive board at eye level and in their language.

Legal advisory

As part of our corporate governance advisory services, we evaluate and optimise the corporate governance of our clients, considering national and international best practices.

As independent advisors, we offer support in a wide range of areas of corporate governance, in regard to

  • the evaluation and optimisation of the company’s corporate governance, considering national and international best practices,
  • the composition, size, evaluation, and renewal of the board of directors and the executive management,
  • the processes of collaboration within the board of directors and within board committees,
  • the structuring, organisation and division of responsibilities at the highest levels of the company,
  • the establishment of effective supervision and risk management within the company,
  • the handling and the resolution of disagreements within the board of directors, within the executive management, between individual corporate bodies or with shareholders as well as within the shareholder base,
  • the optimisation of the internal corporate governance of the company, in particular with regard to the regulation of competences and the governance of group companies within group structures,
  • the development of owners’ strategies,
  • succession planning within the shareholder structure,
  • the structuring of executive remuneration in accordance with legal requirements,
  • the disclosure of the company’s corporate governance in its annual report and on its website, including ESG reporting, considering relevant disclosure rules and investors’ expectations,
  • the development and implementation of corporate social responsibility concepts within the company,
  • the development and implementation of information and communication concepts to shareholders, and
  • the engagement of the board of directors with institutional investors, asset managers, proxy advisors and other stakeholders.

Training and coaching

We train and coach founding members, owners, members of the board of directors, members of the executive management as well as other senior executives in all aspects of corporate governance, tailoring the training and coaching to the needs of each individual company. Training and coaching is available for supervisory and executive bodies or board committees as well as for individual members of such bodies.

Independent advice for the board of directors

Internationally, it is increasingly becoming best practice for the board of directors to be advised by experts who are independent of the group or executive management, i.e., who have no business relationship with the operational level of the company. Our experts are available with their competence and experience as independent (project-related or permanent) advisors to the board of directors or its corporate governance committee. Thanks to our boutique business model with the seamless integration of internal and external services, our independence is guaranteed. Learn more…

Participation in the board of directors or on supervisory bodies

Our experts are also prepared to contribute their corporate governance expertise by serving on the boards of directors or on supervisory bodies of Swiss companies. Each mandate as an independent member of such a corporate body follows the careful evaluation of the company and its current situation and requires the election by the general meeting or the respective electoral body. Learn more…