Succession planning

We support companies and entrepreneurs in their succession planning.

An entrepreneur has two important tasks: firstly, the successful management of the company; and secondly, ensuring a successful future for the company through a suitable succession plan.

Ideally, business succession is planned well in advance. After the successful establishment of the company, it is important to transform the company from the entrepreneurial pioneering phase into a phase with professional governance structures. Entrepreneurs have to broaden their management make-up step by step, distinguish between the roles of the shareholders, the board of directors and the executive management, and distribute tasks, competences and responsibilities amongst them. This evolutionary step is demanding and requires that the entrepreneur is prepared to let third parties play a role in deciding the future of the company. We have extensive experience in these corporate change transformations and have the experience and foresight to structure them while offering coaching to those trying to adapt to this process.

The challenges are different when a generation transition takes place in a family business or when the company is being prepared for sale to a third party. It is important to develop an individual plan tailored to the specific demands of the situation. Of course, this also includes many legal aspects, which we can cover with our services.