We have a long and extensive experience in drafting and negotiating all types of contracts.

The negotiation, drafting and formulation of appropriate, comprehensible and enforceable contracts is indispensable in private and business matters. We attach great importance to harmonising the economic reality and its contractual representation and thus to providing coherent and realistic contracts.

Types of contracts

The types of contracts that we draft and negotiate for our clients include in particular

  • purchase agreements (including share purchase agreements and asset purchase agreements),
  • rental and leasing contracts,
  • employment contracts,
  • contracts for work,
  • service and mandate agreements of all kinds,
  • distribution and exclusive distribution agreements,
  • agency agreements,
  • license agreements,
  • cooperation agreements,
  • joint venture agreements, and
  • shareholders’ agreements.

Notarisation of agreements

With our notary’s office in Baden, we have both the knowledge and the authorisation to carry out public notarisations. This applies for example to

  • contracts on real estate such as purchase agreements, easement agreements, building lease agreements or the creation of promissory notes,
  • marriage contracts and
  • inheritance contracts.

Finally, our notary’s office in Baden provides support in the drafting of unilateral contracts and dispositions such as gifts, last wills, advance directives or living wills.

Contracts in corporate, company and commercial law

In corporate, company and commercial law, we have expertise in all contractual situations that may arise. This applies in particular to partnership agreements and financing agreements, but also to reorganisation agreements and restructuring. Another focus of our legal work is the drafting and negotiation of shareholders’ agreements and other contracts not specifically regulated by law.

Enforcement of contractual claims

We support our clients only in the drafting of contracts, but also in the enforcement of contractual claims. For this reason, we are used to entering into litigation on virtually all contractual matters. In doing so, we strive to save our clients from unnecessary and lengthy court proceedings and to seek negotiated solutions. Where court proceedings seem promising, we strive vehemently and quickly to obtain a favourable judgement for our clients (see dispute resolution, enforcement of claims and litigation).